Sky’s the Limit

Mantra 7. Embrace Expectations : “Aim for the highest cloud”  – All Blacks Our camps by the numbers: 17 Days 370 Miles 52.9 Hours 680 Tacks Completed 510 Gybes Completed 660 Accelerations Completed 300 Sets and Douses Completed 5 days sailing in the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf Stream 2 Regattas Raced! – 2 x Silver Medals Collected! 1 New AffiliateContinue reading “Sky’s the Limit”

Winter Training: Miami

After 3 days of navigating through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and finally Florida…, we are in Miami, Florida for the beginning of our winter training block! We are going to spend the next 5 weeks training and finally racing! in Biscayne Bay! After getting the most out of the United States westContinue reading “Winter Training: Miami”

Mr. Miyagi … “Show Me Sand the Floor…”

Mantra 4. Pass the Ball : “Leaders create leaders.”  – All Blacks Our camp by the numbers: 15 Days 10 Double Sessions 288 Miles 48 Hours 60 Tuning Runs completed 150 Accelerations completed 2.5 hrs of rudderless sailing 1 15+ knot day of sailing bootless?!! After a combined total of 15 days of sailing fromContinue reading “Mr. Miyagi … “Show Me Sand the Floor…””

There and back again … a skiff tale

After navigating the Oregon and California Coast line, up and back down…, we are back in Mission Bay, California for our 4th camp of the summer! We are going to spend the first week of September training in Mission Bay as we wait to transition to Long Beach, California for the remainder of our SeptemberContinue reading “There and back again … a skiff tale”